How to Get a Male Dance Partner


Are you a woman looking for a man to dance with? Maybe for it’s for social dancing or just practice. Maybe it’s actually for competitive dancing. liveshowideas Regardless, you have probably found that the gender imbalance (more women than men) make this hard for a woman. It’s certainly not like there are men floating around each woman hoping to get her attention is it?

I have been asked by a number of women who subscribe to my emails on techniques to improve partner dance ability about how to find a dance partner. The reasons for dance range from simple social dancing to practice to competition. So I decided to talk to some women who are good at getting men to dance with them, entertainement talk to some men about dancing with women they do not know and review what I know about male psychology to come up with some suggestions about how to get a male dance partner.

Understanding men in dance

One of the biggest issues men have (unless they have been dancing for years so they’re probably a dance instructor) is that they will not be at a level equal to the woman’s level, and so she will not appreciate his efforts. Basically, men don’t want to feel that they are taking; they want to be giving. So if you seem to be a good dancer (or even just possibly better than the man), then he will feel you’d rather not dance with him, and he will not ask you to dance.

Women who get the dance partners

I have heard a few women complain about how men seem to have their favourites. And it is true – the women who will get asked to dance most are the ones that men feel compelled to dance with. Two things will compel a man: attractiveness and comfort with the woman. He either wants to get to know her, topshows he already does or he feels that she is open to dancing with him. Still, such a woman probably only gets the men who still feel certain that they are at her level asking her to dance.

However, I know women who I have seen dance with many men in one night and those men were complete strangers. These women did something different – they asked the men. And they never got a ‘no’ – men feel obliged to keep a woman happy. If a man says no, then he will probably have a good reason (like an injury or being close to a heart attack).

Male psychology

All of us like to be told we’re good. However, LiveMusicCity men love hearing it from women. On the flip side, men are concerned with making a bold false claim so one is unlikely to take any kind of action without certainty. Men are worried about pride and reputation. There is nothing wrong with not being good at something as long as you don’t falsely act as though you are.

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