Achieve Health Through Dance And Have Fun With Ceroc Dancing


Have you ever heard of Ceroc? Well if you have the success and popularity has obviously reached your senses! Ceroc it has to be said has over the last few years achieved remarkable success and the dance style has franchises all over the world from the United States to the UK to Australia. Filmy-Mantra Dance sure has been championed by Ceroc and Ceroc has become very popular in the UK and is found in every major town throughout the land.

So what is Ceroc dancing exactly I hear you say? Well Ceroc is best described as blend of various dance styles, specifically Salsa, Jive, Ballroom and Rock & Roll but unlike Salsa and other Latin dance styles does not contain the complex footwork which means it is easier to focus on the rest of your body. Ceroc is also sometimes dubbed “Modern Jive” due to its mixing of Jive tempos in conjunction with other Latin based tempos and movements.

Ceroc was first seen as a dance format in London around 1980 and is attributed to the work of James Cronin who held the first Ceroc event in the Porchester Hall in London in 1980. It must be said that the roots of what was to become Ceroc are found in post WW2 France, while the modern form of Ceroc lies more within the 1980’s. MusicFocus By the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Cronin and a Sylvia Colmen had set up Ceroc Enterprises and Ceroc was then made a trademark. By 1994 Ceroc teachers were starting to be taught and subsequently licenced and by about 1994 “Taxi Dancers” were introduced into events to assist beginner dancers. In 2004 Ceroc Enterprises were running over 100 different venues and in 2006 started to run “weekender” events. So you will not be surprised to hear that Ceroc Enterprises has franchises in France, Italy, Canada, USA, Ireland and Hong Kong, there are also related Ceroc organisations in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Dubai.

Anyway that is the brief history lesson, Ceroc is one of the newer dance forms like Zumba and akin to Zumba has spread dramatically in a short space of time and has become a very popular way to dance, party-worldwide achieve fitness, have fun and meet new people.

So heh I guess you’re wondering what this Ceroc dance is all about! You have had the brief history and an the introduction and if your still reading (of course you are) you must be wondering how this Ceroc dance stuff works right. Just so you know I personally do Ceroc myself from time to time so have some direct experience. Ceroc is as mentioned earlier a blend of Salsa, Jive, swing and even some would say dirty dancing and like many Latin based dance styles is a male lead dance which can be danced to music as wide ranging as 50’s swing, 80’s pop, Blues, to modern pop music. The tempo can vary considerably to be honest speaking from experience; you can be dancing to some slow 80’s love ballad, SoundsLikeThis then dancing to some funky salsa tune and within the next song be dancing to Lady Gaga! For those of you who have tried Salsa then you will know that within Salsa footwork is seen as a core component of the dance style. Footwork takes a backseat in Ceroc and unlike Salsa footwork is simpler and not as ridged. That said Ceroc has footwork and steps like any other Latin based dance style, the footwork is based on an in-and-out style with either foot stepping back and the weight being transferred onto that foot before either the same foot returning to the original stance or the other foot moving to complete a move.

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